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  • In Chocolate
  • Bite-size cupcakes dipped in dark chocolate!
  • Q: What is In Chocolate?
  • A: Cupcake lovers and chocoholics unite! In Chocolate is a collection of six delicious bite-size cupcakes dipped in chocolate.
  • Q: What In Chocolate flavors does Baked by Melissa offer?
  • A: We have 6 In Chocolate flavors: Chocolate Graham, Peanut Butter Fluff, Birthday Cupcake, Tie Dye, Pink Velvet, and Double Cookie. See our In Chocolate flavors here.
  • Q: Can I customize my In Chocolate flavor selection?
  • A: It's possible to customize your In Chocolate flavor selection at any of our store locations or over the phone with our Customer Happiness Team (212-842-0220).
  • Q: How long does In Chocolate stay fresh?
  • A: In Chocolate stays fresh for up to one week when the box is kept plastic wrapped and frozen, or for up to three days in a refrigerator or well air-conditioned room.
  • Q: Why is In Chocolate more expensive than Baked by Melissa cupcakes?
  • A: In Chocolate cupcakes are past Mini of the Month flavors baked custom for the collection, and we hand dip each and every one of them!
  • Q: How much is In Chocolate?
  • A: In Chocolate cupcakes start at $1.50/each, and are discounted to $1.40/each for orders of 25+.