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  • Q: What is the Cupcake Pod Machine?
  • A: Our Cupcake Pod Machine is a giant six-and-a-half-foot gumball machine that dispenses cupcakes instead of gumballs!  The Cupcake Pod Machine can hold up to 2,200 cupcakes, and can add a sweet touch to any event. Learn more about the Cupcake Pod Machine here.
  • Q: How can I order the Cupcake Pod Machine?
  • A: Send an email to for more information!
  • Q: How far in advance does the Cupcake Pod Machine need to be reserved?
  • A: Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. However, we recommend reserving with a $1000 Hold-the-Date Deposit as soon as possible, which guarantees availability on a specific event date! The remaining reservation balance is due three weeks prior to the event date.
  • Q: What is included with Cupcake Pod Machine rental?
  • A: Rental includes the following:
    •Cupcake Pod Machine
    •1 iPad with stand
    •1 Recycling Bin for empty Pods and Capsules
    •Customized Event Menus
    •Delivery and transportation of the machine
    •1 Baked by Melissa Employee for the duration of the event
  • Q: Can I order a Custom Cupcake for the Cupcake Pod Machine?
  • A: Yes! Keep in mind, Custom Cupcakes are priced a bit higher. Send an email to for pricing information!
  • Q: What is the delivery zone for renting the Cupcake Pod Machine?
  • A: The Cupcake Pod Machine is available to rent in the Tri-State area! Send an email to with any questions regarding our delivery zone.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of the Cupcake Pod Machine?
  • A: The Cupcake Pod Machine is 78 in x 48 in. Because of its size, it is not possible to transport the Cupcake Pod Machine up and down stairs, or through a standard-size door.
  • Q: Can the Cupcake Pod Machine be rented for multi-day events?
  • A: Yes! The same pricing applies per day, and an additional Equipment Deposit is required.
  • Q: Is the Cupcake Pod Machine for sale?
  • A: The Cupcake Pod Machine is only available to rent.