OMGF Gluten Free Cupcakes

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Oh my, gluten free! Six wheatless, handmade cupcakes that are fantastically r...
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Oh my, gluten free! Six wheatless, handmade cupcakes that are fantastically rich and sweet. Flavors include Cinnamon, Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate Crunch, Birthday Cake, Caramel, and our signature Tie-Dye.
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All of our gluten free cupcakes & macarons are made in a separate facility.

Flavors Included

  • 5 x Gluten Free Tie-Dye
  • 4 x Gluten Free Red Velvet
  • 4 x Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Crunch
  • 4 x Gluten Free Caramel
  • 4 x Gluten Free Cinnamon
  • 4 x Gluten Free Birthday Cake
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Flavors Breakdown

All of our products are made in a bakery that processes peanuts and tree nuts

Shipping & Delivery

  • 7 Days A Week

    Order anytime! For next day-arrival, order Monday - Friday by 2PM ET. Sunday arrivals available in select areas.

  • Courier Delivery & In-Store Pick Up

    Same day cupcake delivery and in-store pick up available, 7 days a week in Manhattan Only! (Available at select locations for select products).

  • Planning ahead?

    We make it easy. You can place your order up to 365 days in advance!

  • Freshness and Storage

    Our bite-size treats are packaged in custom-made, clamshell-like packs that stay safe & fresh for up to 2 weeks when stored in the freezer, and up to 48 hours room temp when stored in the closed pack. Everything ships fresh & sealed from our bakery to your door, anywhere in the US. Remove from freezer 20 - 30 minutes prior to serving for optimal deliciousness!

  • Serving Suggestion

    Serving Suggestion

    We recommend 4-5 treats per person if our treats are the main dessert and 2-3 treats per person if other desserts are being served.

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